Red Pill Project

   We didn't use the term "Red Pill" in the book or website homepage because we didn't want to alienate people that don't recognize the reference. For those of you that do recognize the reference; yes, this project is the Red Pill you've been waiting for. The Matrix movie is an allegory for real life. Centralized control of the masses. They feed us with programmed lies, then they feed off of our human energy.

    There are two problems with the "Red Pill" reference. The first problem is the idea that the Red Pill is an instant transformation. It is not. Remember that Neo had been searching for answers, for a long time. Waking up is a process, not a magic pill.

    The second problem is the idea that when you wake up, the world is ugly and dark. It is not. Well, at first it is. When you dig deeper however, you will find that the real truth is beautiful and bold.

    The future of mankind is in our hands. There is no powerful, smart person coming to save us. People in charge are no smarter than you, and their authority is a "Make believe" lie.

    GOOD beliefs and behaviors are not opinions, they are mathematical calculations. If a child or adult is filled with truth and logic, they still may go out there and make terrible choices and develop destructive habits. At least they will have a chance of analyzing their own results and understanding their own folly.

    If they are filled with crippling nonsense however, they will never know why their results are so bad, and will only know how to whine about life being "unfair".

    Jack's story attempts to break down many commonly held beliefs that keep us all enslaved. You may find yourself agreeing with some, but not others. This is normal. Keep digging, Question everything you've ever believed. Eventually you will find that every subject is connected to every other subject in a confusing matrix of lies. Only careful reflection will reveal truth and expose lies. 

    You may find that many truths will conflict with your own personal store of beliefs. That's okay, clarity often comes from internal conflict.

Good luck and good speed,

The Secret Society of Freedom

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