The American Dream has been highjacked!

The American Dream has been highjacked!

     I've never been much of a conspiracy theorist and I never dreamed of becoming a philosopher or an author. All of these things came about by happenstance. When I was very young, I just wanted to fit in. Later on I guess I wanted to stand out and be different. Now I just want to be left alone to pursue my own version of happiness with my family.

    Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that the world is a mess, a desperate, dangerous mess. A lot of the mess is really none of my business but there appears to be certain elements that may directly affect my family and our long term safety, security and freedom. When you mess with my family, you've got my attention.

    A common saying with conspiracy researchers is "Going down the rabbit hole". I guess this means digging deeper and deeper trying to find the truth. My first rabbit hole was all about health, diet and disease. I wasn't looking for conspiracy, I was just looking for a healthy diet that would solve my fat and sick problems. I eventually found a naturally healthy diet but I had to climb over a giant conspiracy to find it.

     After learning what my body needed for perfect health, I then found that I was riddled with a life time of habits that seemed to be kicking my ass at every turn. Some people appear to have great self discipline but I think maybe I was standing in the wrong line when self discipline and self control was doled out.

    One night I found a blueprint to the workings of the mind. It explained habits in a way that I never considered before. I decided to go down that "Rabbit hole" for a while and guess what I found. A big ol' giant conspiracy! Come to find out, the workings of the mind is well understood by certain powerful "Bad guys" and they have been using it against us regular people for a really long time. This so called "Blue print" of the mind is not only helpful for understanding habits but it is also the basis for all brainwashing, indoctrination and programming.

    As I became more and more familiar with the workings of the mind I started to notice that many of our modern philosophies about society, life, work, family, responsibility and duty had no standard or baseline to measure from. I started to think about "Natural laws". Not "legal" laws but more like the laws of nature. I went down that "Rabbit hole" for a while and, well you know the "punch line" by now. Another giant conspiracy!

    Eventually, I put together a system that I call "The Science of Freedom". This "Science" as I call it combines 3 tools: the workings of the mind, the laws of nature and a quick study of "Critical Thinking" techniques. These three tools become measurement devises that you can then use to investigate all information from the ancient to the most modern. With a little practice this way of thinking becomes second nature and reveals all truth. It also exposes all lies. Not the "little" lies that people tell each other in everyday life, I mean the "Big lies". The giant conspiracy kind of lies.

    I've seen a lot of conspiracy researchers over the last few years and while I admire the time and energy they put into it, I always feel like they're missing the whole big picture. They spend all their time at the bottom of one rabbit hole. They produce more and more proof to show the world so that someday people will "wake up" and the "Bad guy" will get arrested or someone will get impeached or someone better will get elected. Always hoping that someone more powerful than you will save us.

    That's NEVER going to happen! There is NO ONE more powerful than you! NO ONE is coming to save us! I've gone down every rabbit hole that I could possibly imagine and they all lead to one giant conspiracy. Not ten, not twenty, not one hundred different conspiracies. There is just one true conspiracy! All areas of life have been highjacked by World leaders and their mentors and minions. They use brainwashing as a weapon and use human energy / slavery as their fuel source! They all have one thing in common, they are all members of secret societies. They stole human energy (money) from your parents and grandparent and they use that money (human energy) to enslave your children and your grandchildren.

     They think they are better then you! They HATE you! They think you are stupid and weak. They think of you as slaves. They think that you need to be spied on, controlled or eliminated. They control every facet of life and have for a very, very long time.

    The ONLY answer is to tear it all down and rebuild it. This cannot be done with politics. It cannot be accomplished with war. We must force a constitutional convention. Before we do that we need 100 million people that are all on the same page. 100 Million people with an understanding of how the mind works and an absolute appreciation of the laws of nature.

     The Science of Freedom is so simple that a third grader could learn and understand it, yet, most adults struggle with it because we've all been indoctrinated with crippling nonsense. They have convinced us that people are bad and life is terribly hard and unfair. Most people are no worse than you are. We've all been lied to for generations and then we all put our own spin on those lies. While life is challenging for all natural born creatures, it does not need to be the wretched struggle that they have created.

    The American dream was never about college, career, taxes, debt, mortgages, car payments, retirement and social security. The original American dream was to own your own land, build your own house, dig your own well, grow your own food and spend all your time with the ones you love. Freedom, independence, self reliance and family.

    Like all other areas of life, the American dream has been highjacked, corrupted and bastardized. The book "The Science of Freedom" was written as a guide to true freedom and fulfillment. Read it, study it, master it and then teach it to ten people. Hurry!

Good luck and good speed.




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