How to "Figure out Life" AND Save your country using "The Science of Freedom"

How to "Figure out Life" AND Save your country using "The Science of Freedom"


    If I were on my deathbed (I'm not) surrounded by my three precious children, with my last dying breath I would say "Read this book over and over, study it, master it. It is the most important information you will ever receive. It contains the "master keys" to all human happiness and freedom." That's what I would say.

    The book is not perfect. It's not magic. It is simply an instruction manual for having a wonderful life. Everyone wants to have a wonderful life, don't they? (I can hear the obstinate reader now saying " Not me man, I want to have a fucked up terrible life filled with misery, loneliness, poverty and suffering"). Of course everyone wants to have a wonderful life. It almost sounds trite to even say it. But how do you do it? How do you define it? What does a wonderful life even look like? Good questions, aren't they?

     First of all let me steal a paragraph out of the book: 

His parent’s plan was pretty simple. They would control and guard his information carefully and help him with his reasoning. This would help him develop good beliefs, behaviors, and habits that would hopefully aid him in experiencing wonderful results, in all areas of life.

    Read that paragraph again while looking at the following picture:

His parent’s plan was pretty simple. They would control and guard his information carefully and help him with his reasoning. This would help him develop good beliefs, behaviors, and habits that would hopefully aid him in experiencing wonderful results, in all areas of life.

    This picture changed my life in every way. It was this picture that caused me to quit my job and venture out on my own. It has transformed my understanding of everything, in every area of life. It has helped me greatly improve my finances, my health, my romantic life and my world view. (By the way, I did not simply steal this picture from Bob Proctor and then write a book. He draws it much differently. The picture above represents years of my own research and reflection.)

       So, why is it so important? You will sometimes hear people reference the "Red Pill". For those that don't know the reference, it comes from the "Matrix" movies. In those movies there is a choice. The "Red" pill will wake you from slavery, where your human energy is being harvested. The "Blue" pill will put you back to sleep to enjoy your fake but comfortable version of slavery.

    The picture above has been the "Red Pill" for me. But it is not magic, it is math. It is not instant, it takes time and focus. It does not suddenly give you all the answers to creating a wonderful life. It is more like a "can opener" that opens the mind and slowly lets all the lies drip out while letting undeniable truths take the place of those lies. When I first watched "The Matrix" 20 years ago, I thought it was just a well made, enjoyable, sci-fi movie. Now, I realize that it is an allegory for what is truly happening in the "real" world. (Go back and watch it with a new set of eyes).

     A lot of times when we look back over our own lives, we view life through the lens of a "What was done to us" by other people, or what was not done "For us"  by other people. (usually  "other people" refers to our parents, or past lovers, old bosses, bullies or just society in general)  "The Science of Freedom" as I call it has taught me to take full responsibility for all things. It's not because I have become a martyr, it is because ultimate responsibility brings ultimate personal power. If you can blame someone else for past injury, it gives them all the power. I have found that you can "Re-write" your past by looking at each memory as a lesson, or "training", if you will.

    As I look back over my own life, I see an embarrassing collection of terrible choices and wretched mistakes. Now, feeling guilty about it won't help anyone but scrutinizing my own foolishness and practicing better choices will. I can say that I am sorry to those people that I have wounded with my foolishness but I can not force them to forgive or forget. I can only vow to make better, smarter choices in the future. 

     I'm rambling on a bit, let's get back to creating a wonderful life. This next part is the first step, the most important step and the hardest step. (This is where a magic Red Pill would come in handy) Imagine your whole life as a journey. When you start out you have no confidence and no experience to be confident in. Someone you love and trust gives you a "Map". They tell you that this map is accurate but may need to be updated occasionally, by you.

     So, you venture out into the world with a little "borrowed confidence" from the "Map". Over time you make small adjustments and updates to the map and your confidence grows. Your progress through life is not perfect but you manage to get by. Sometimes you notice that other people must have slightly different maps than you but that's okay. You are comfortable and confident in your own map. It has been working for you. Sometimes other people will question "Your" map and you may find yourself defending it vigorously. At some point your confidence starts to turn into arrogance. You now start to believe that your map is the best. If there were a better map you would follow it, wouldn't you? No need, your map is best and you know it, in your heart of hearts.

   I am not picking on the individual, I am pointing out a human condition. It is not a character flaw. You have to have confidence in your own map or you would never dare to navigate life at all. Next is the first step toward freedom. Next is the "Red Pill" moment!

    One day a trusted friend tells you to flip the map over and read the small print at the bottom, it says "Wonderful life map company". "So what", you say. "Dig deeper" they say. Now, most people won't. We're all to busy following our own "maps" to be bothered, but you decide to dig deeper.  (That is a life changing decision, by the way)

     After many Google attempts and a few trips to the library you finally discover that "The Wonderful Life Map Company" is completely owned by the "Eternal Slave Masters Association". They control the production of all the various maps produced by "The Wonderful Life Map Company". Further research reveals that the  "Eternal Slave Masters Association" has been producing maps for 120 years.

    From this point you go through the 4 or 5 stages of grief. Losing faith in your "Map" is akin to losing a cherished loved one. The stages of grief are:

  • denial.
  • anger.
  • bargaining.
  • depression.
  • acceptance

    After acceptance your choices are to 1.Curl up and die. 2. Keep following your "Slave" map. 3. Pursue Freedom with every fiber of your being! This is where "The Science of Freedom" comes in. "The Science of Freedom" was born when I accepted the fact that all of our maps were based in lies that promote slavery  and make us all afraid of Freedom.

     Here is an important observation. If "I" tell your friends about modern day slavery, most of them will instantly reject the notion. On the other hand, If "You" tell them, they may also reject it because "No one is a Prophet in their own town". However, if you tell them that I said it, then together we might stand a chance of "Getting through". That is the original intended purpose of "The Science of Freedom" book. To act as the "Red Pill" for you to give to your friends and loved ones.

     So, once again, "How do you create a wonderful life?" If you break down the word, "Wonderful" you will come up with "A life full of wonder". "Wonder" about slavery, "Wonder" about your map, "Wonder about Freedom, every day! Natural Freedom! Absolute Freedom! Unfettered, un-bastardized Freedom. If you read the chapter on "Goal setting and Achievement" and then focus your own Dreams, Goals and Plans on Freedom, you will NEVER be bored ever again!

    Freedom and Independence are similar terms which means that Slavery and dependence are also related. The overwhelming philosophy of "The Science of Freedom" is Freedom from dependency! Once you accept the idea that we are all living in slavery then Freedom becomes your dominant focus.

   The following is a list of Freedom essentials that most of us have been taught to be afraid of;     Acquire your own land, build your own house, dig your own well, grow your own food, run your own business, love your own spouse, educate your own children. defend your own property and enjoy your own FREEDOM! This list has been the basis of freedom since the beginning of time and it will always be so. Pursuit of the previous list is how to have a "Wonderful life", almost everything else is a "Lie" created by the  "Eternal Slave Masters Association"!

   So now, how do we use this information to "Save our Country"? In the final chapter of the book it references the power of 10 by 10. This book was created to act as the "Red Pill" for you to help your friends awaken. Buy some copies of the book or download the free PDF and print them out yourself. Give copies to ten of your trusted friends. Tell them that this is the most important book that you've ever read and you thought of them. Also, tell them that you need it back soon, like tomorrow!

   When tomorrow comes, one of three things will happen; 1. They didn't read it. 2. They read it but don't care or don't "Get it". 3. They read it and are excited about it! Those are the people you are looking for! Unfortunately, the first two categories will have to wait. They are NOT lost causes but maybe someone else will need to be the catalyst for their "Awakening".

     Repeat this pattern over and over again until you have "Awakened" 10 people. Meet secretly and privately with your "Team" based on the guidelines listed in the book. Encourage your ten friends to go out and find ten new friends and start private groups of their own. (The reason for secrecy is to reduce the risk of infiltration by anti-freedom, globalist spies. If that were to ever happen, they could only get ten of us but not take down the whole movement.) Read the book to understand the rest of the plan. The following is another excerpt  from the book;

     “Holy crap” Jack thought, if you told ten people today and they told ten people tomorrow, it would only take eight days to save the country and ten days to save the entire world. Jack laughed, that would not happen of course, but even if it took eight weeks, eight months or eight years, Jack knew that once it got started, it could not be stopped.

Good Luck and Good Speed

P.S. Jack and Macey, if all goes dark, stick together and find your father, Papa knows where.



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