For Freedom's Sake

For Freedom's Sake


    This blog goes out to all the conspiracy researchers out there. This will all sound like it's about me but really it's about all of you. Some years back I stumbled across the proverbial "Red Pill" and it completely changed my whole life.

    I was in my second marriage. The first one ended in disaster and the second one really wasn't going much better. We had a beautiful child together and were struggling to get by on one income. My wife and I were both overweight with numerous health complaints and I was probably drinking too much, too often. It seemed like we fought about everything, especially the lack of money.

    Professionally, I had been a "Jack" of all trades, master of none. I've been a soldier, a carpenter and a salesman of various wares. Over the years, most of my income came from blue collar factory jobs.

    Because of our health problems and lack of money, my wife started studying natural health and herbal medicine. I also learned a lot about natural health through our "husband and wife" conversations. As our diets and health started to improve we both started to notice disturbing inconsistencies between the information we had both grown up with and the "alternative" medicine she was studying.

    Before long, my wife rejected the textbooks and became a self-directed health researching machine. She has scoured the earth for medical information both old and new. We now own enough books to open a respectable library and she has spent thousands of hours immersed in research.

    After all of this, it boils down to one overwhelming, undeniable conclusion; There is a dark, evil conspiracy to poison our food supply, our water our medicine and our minds. It is perpetrated by the very people that we believe are supposed to protect us and keep us safe. It is a sobering and terrifying realization.

    Around 2017 she started consulting clients in natural health and herbal remedies. We often talked about that while many people were looking for more natural "cures" no one really wanted to hear about the "cause". Not many people had any interest in changing their diets and would just role their eyes at any mention of a "Dark, evil conspiracy". It seemed as though everyone (including us) had been indoctrinated with dangerous, unhealthy lies. It was only through God's grace or shit luck that my wife and I had been awakened. Most other people would defend their indoctrination with vigor whenever it was challenged.

    In 2018 my wife wanted to start a website that featured some of the herbal remedies that she had been creating for our family and her consulting clients. We started small, working together as a team. Our progress was painfully slow but we were both excited and proud of our little venture.

The "Red Pill Discovery"

   As we were trying to figure out small business ownership at home, I was still working 60 hours a week at the local factory. I had been promoted to a programming position and was working behind a desk on the night shift. Not many people were in the office at night so I could listen to music while I did my job. I thought about our new home-based business a lot and was still pretty frustrated that no one seemed to be listening to our message about the "Cause".

    I started to listen to self-help gurus like Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracey and Bob Proctor. They all had many interesting, helpful ideas that I thought maybe we could pass on to our customers. A lot of it seemed like magical, mystical stuff that sounded good but was kind of hard to believe.

    One night one of them drew a picture of the workings of the mind and suddenly it all "clicked". It wasn't magic, it was math! Almost instantly everything became clear for me! I began to obsess over this mathematical picture in my head that explained all logic and reason. It could be applied to any and all subjects and would reveal undeniable truths. As I began to apply it to money, human energy, freedom and slavery I started to realize that I was living in a state of slavery that I would later define as "soft slavery".

    I was so overwhelmed by these ideas that I gave notice to my boss that I was quitting my job. I didn't even tell my wife at first. Boy, was she pissed when I finally told her! I left my job and we never looked back. We struggled and nearly starved at first but by studying and applying "The Science of Freedom" to our business and personal lives we have transformed our realities.

    I've lost 45 pounds and my wife has lost 80! All of our medical ailments have completely disappeared. We no longer take any pharmaceuticals or over the counter drugs. Our relationship has never been better and we are both deeply committed to each other. Our business has grown and continues to support all of our needs with a stable income. We are debt free and are excited about our future dreams, goals and plans. If it sounds like I'm bragging I'm not, I'm just super excited about life and "The Science of Freedom".

Conspiracy Researchers

    So what does all this have to do with you, the conspiracy researcher? When the pandemic was announced in 2020 it didn't take me long to realize what was going down. It was agenda 21 which of course would ultimately lead to agenda 2030. I started to panic, not because of the flu but because I was woefully unprepared.

My greatest fears are:

1.Someday I answer the door to a group of government officials that say they are there to relocate my family to a "safer" place.

2. I open my door and see an angry mob of fifty desperate people with bad intentions.

3. I open the door to see United Nations "Peace keeping" forces rolling through my neighborhood in armored vehicles.(Maybe I should stop opening the door)

    If any one of these scenarios ever happened, I realized that I was "Fucked". I understood that on that day, I would probably die.(That would not help save my family or the world) No matter how "prepared" I was as an individual, I could only fight off a limited number of combatants. I began to devise a "Back-up" plan which eventually would be explained in "The Science of Freedom".

    I don't "Do" social media but my wife does. She often shows me memes and videos from conspiracy researchers such as yourself. Here are some problems as I see them.

1. You are all preaching to each other. No one else is seeing your valuable information. If the "Un-awake" do happen to see it, they don't believe it. They can't. It's NOT because they are stupid, it's because it conflicts with their indoctrination / programming.

2. I see recurring sentiments such as "We're Fucked!!" That's what THEY want you to think so you won't believe that victory is possible.

3. I saw a guy yell at the camera "Wake the Fuck up people!". Let me ask you this my friend, wake up and do what exactly? Vote differently? Call your Congressman? File a lawsuit? How's that working for you so far? It is their legal system. It is their political structure. They built it for them, not for you and me.

    Let me pose a question, What does every tyrant and scumbag politician have in common? They are all members of various secret societies. They are all part of the "in" crowd. That is "how" they worked their way up and become influential, famous or super wealthy. They are the parasites of humanity that feed off of your human energy (after it's been converted into money) and use brainwashing, indoctrination and programming as a weapon. 

    We are at war and you all know it. We have been losing this war for decades, maybe centuries because they have a plan and we don't. Hell, we're losing the game and most of us don't even know that's it's being played. 

    So here is my plan to save the world (by the way, my goal to save the world is completely selfish. I'm in the world, it's my world, I'm trying to save it for me and mine).

Step 1. Write a book that explains the science of freedom in a subtle, easy to teach way (done).

Step 2. Distribute the book through a secret underground network (working on it)

Step 3. Multiply in secret until our numbers are large enough to force a constitutional convention, fire all the politicians and restructure the representative selection process.

Step 4. Do all of this while following the guidelines of the constitution. NOTE: This will probably get us all killed in the end but hey, they are trying to kill us all off anyway. Might as well go down with a plan and a purpose.

    Everything that I listed above is completely legal and non-violent but we can expect them to go rouge if they find out what we're planning. You need to be prepared for the shit to hit the fan at some point. Don't be pushed into violence if you can possible avoid it. Don't be pulled into civil war because it's all a lie. ( Your fellow countryman is not your enemy, the parasites in charge of the world that try to divide you are).

    If you're in a jam call for back up. One by one they will easily pick us off but ten by ten will at least make them pause and think. Right now they believe that you are stupid, weak and unorganized. Prove them wrong by organizing and multiplying under the cover of darkness.

    When I first wrote the book I was still broke and self publishing cost a lot of money. I needed to sell the books to recoup my costs and continue the fight. I found that you conspiracy types are a cynical lot and I struggled to sell the book without first explaining exactly what was in it.

    I'm not as broke as I used to be and can now afford to have new copies printed without breaking the bank. You can down load it for free on the home page. Read it, master it and teach it. (Also, make sure to print it out on paper to have on hand in case the grid ever goes down and digital information is lost. It's that important).

    You can still buy a handsome copy from me for $17.76 or buy 10 copies at my printing cost. All proceeds go to me so I can buy beans, bullets and have more books printed.

Good luck and Good speed,

(Author's name withheld for security reasons)


P.S. To see valuable information planned for future blogs you will have to keep coming back. An e-mail list or a blog sign up is simply too risky. Sorry



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