Diet, Health, Disease Prevention and Reversal

Diet, Health, Disease Prevention and Reversal


    If you've never read any of my previously dated blogs, please do so first, so that this one will be more clear to you. This subject is near and dear to me. At some point here I'm going to copy and paste the diet and health chapter out of my newly released book titled "The Science of Freedom". For now, allow me to ramble on a bit..

    When I was 19 years old, my four year old sister died of brain cancer. Looking back now,  I realize that I was just a kid myself. I was angry, afraid and hopeless. There was nothing I could do except try to be there for my mom, dad and little brother.

    Fast forward to 2008 when my beloved mother died from liver cancer. She was my most trusted confidant and my best friend. I was still the same scared, angry, hopeless little boy. She had battled breast cancer a few years earlier and "won".  Years later while studying natural medicine with my wife, I learned that the Chemo they gave my mom for breast cancer often resulted in liver cancer, and everyone involved knew it, except for us.

    Well, let me tell you, I'm fifteen years older now, I'm not a "little boy", I'm no longer scared but man, am I still fucking pissed! As far as I'm concerned, my mother was lied to by education and the media. She was poisoned by the food industry and she was murdered by the medical establishment!

    I will never forgive and I will never forget. Never again will someone I love needlessly die without at least hearing the truth as I see it. The most frustrating problem that I keep running into is that almost no one will allow themselves to believe me. We are all so arrogant in our knowledge that we refuse to listen to anything that conflicts with what we think we already know. That, used to make me angry, it no longer does. I can't force someone to believe, I can only share what I have discovered. I spend literally all of my free time, churning ideas, trying to come up with a better way of explaining natural health and natural truths.

    Regarding the "C" word (Cancer). This part is not in the book, it probably should have been. If I were ever told that I had cancer, I would not take another bite of food until I was told that I was cancer free. I know this sounds extreme, let me explain.

    Way back in 1931, a Dr. Warburg discovered that while normal cells can thrive on sugar or fat as fuel, once a cell turns cancerous it can only survive on sugar. The cause of almost all disease is "Malfunctioning cells" usually caused by deficiency or toxicity. While the SAD (Standard American Diet) is often nutrient deficient, most of us get enough nutrients here and there to survive. Toxicity on the other hand is unbelievably, over the top, F-ing crazy. So, whenever you're sick, fasting is a good idea. Animals in nature often instinctively fast when they are ill.

    All biological systems repair at rest. From brain health to muscle regeneration, all systems repair at rest. Most of us have not given our digestive systems a rest since we were born. Fasting (going without food) has been used for healing since the beginning of mankind's written word. 

    You most likely will never hear your doctor talk about the benefits of long term fasting. It has been purposely erased from all modern day medical training. Your doctor grew up in the same world that you did. Most of us are taught that if we skip breakfast, we might pass-out before lunch and might perish before supper. Ludicrous! 

     When you fast, your body goes through various metabolically changes. It's a naturally occurring "Re-boot" of all biological systems. As far as cancer cells are concerned, fasting forces the body to burn fat exclusively after it runs out of sugar stores. Remember from above, healthy cells can thrive on fat or sugar. Cancer cells can only survive with a constant supply of sugar. In a prolonged fasting state, cancer cells simply starve, die and are eliminated from the body. Don't take my word for it, do your own research. Survival is an individual motivation, no one really cares as much about your survival as you. (From chapter 5 on Natural laws)

     You, as a human being are the most extraordinary creation on planet earth! If you are involved in religion then you are taught that you were created in the image of God! Perfect! God's most cherished creation! If you are not religious then let me say that the human body is self healing, self regulating and self adapting. There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with your family DNA. Almost all so called "diseases" are diet related and passed on by family eating traditions, not genes or DNA.

    Yes, some people are born with birth defects. That sometimes happens in nature. It could also be somehow caused by poisoning of the parents or grand parents. Just think, when your grandmother was born, your mother's egg was already inside her. The "Bad guys" have been poisoning and experimenting on all of us for generations. So, who knows?

    The book "The Science of Freedom" represents my life's work and my life's passion. It teaches a critical thinking technique that leads to a method of reasoning that will reveal all truth and expose all lies, but only if it is studied, practiced, mastered and then applied. Below is a copy of the Diet and Health chapter from that book. I am not a doctor or a dietician so question everything and do your own research. If you have a medical problem and are seeing a doctor regularly, tell your doctor that you want to change your diet and get off the drugs. If they say anything other than "Oh boy, let's get started", then I would recommend finding a new doctor, fast! Hurry! Run!

The Science of Freedom


Chapter 7
Jack’s essay on diet and food.

    Jack’s parents recognized that they were 20 years older than average parents and they might not always be there for Jack. They needed him to be capable and confident in case anything should ever happen to them. The next few semesters were all about the essentials to life and how to acquire them.

Diet and Health

    This report covers what could be called the “Freedom Diet” because it will keep you free from almost all diseases. It will keep you free from doctors, hospitals, and expensive medication. It will keep you free from excessive weight gain and obesity. If you knew where to look, the foods in this diet would be free for the taking, in nature.

    Research material for this essay comes from many doctors, scientists, botanists, herbalists and alternative medicine practitioners.

   The diet plan laid out before you is easy to follow, easy to understand and enjoyable to eat. While this nutritional philosophy is not new, it is also not widely taught because there is no profit in teaching people how to cure their own disease.

    Unfortunately, this eating style is contrary to what most Americans are used to. Most of us are navigating life with misleading information. Sometimes people mislead you on purpose, we could call that a lie or a conspiracy. Sometimes people mislead you by accident, we would just call that a mistake.

   Mankind has made many nutritional mistakes over time by applying our genius and creativity to our otherwise natural diet. Many of these mistakes have become time honored traditions, deeply ingrained in our culture, beliefs, and habits. So, while this diet is easy to comprehend, it is not always easy to stick to.

 If you can make this diet your daily default eating plan and only go off track occasionally, you should do fine.

    What is perfect health and what causes disease? Modern medicine has given names and descriptions to over 12,000 different diseases that are almost all caused by one problem, poor diet.

   Here are some definitions:

  • Ease is the state of perfect health where all cells and systems are functioning properly.
  • Disease- (Dis-ease) Is when cells and systems are malfunctioning because of deficiency, toxicity or injury.

   The smallest living entity of our being is the individual cell. The human body has trillions of them. Every cell has a nucleus with DNA that adapts to cellular chemistry. As DNA adapts, it produces instructions for cell function in the form of proteins. Each cell requires tools in the form of nutrients to perform its function.

    Nutrients come from food and are supplied to the cells by the blood. Blood is like the kitchen. All cellular functions produce waste. Waste is taken away by the Lymphatic system. If blood is the kitchen, then lymph is the bathroom.

   If your blood chemistry is lacking nutrients or full of toxins, your cells will malfunction. If your Lymphatic system backs up, your cellular fluids will become toxic, and your cells will malfunction. Unfortunately, as tasty as the American diet can be, it is most often lacking in nutrients and overloaded with toxins.

    All creatures in nature acquire the vital nutrients they need for perfect cell function with a natural diet. They consume what is available to them in nature. This is called their species-specific diet.

   The same is true for Humans except we have invented and applied many manmade ideas to our diets. To re-discover mankind’s “species specific diet” you simply need to eliminate any “Manmade” ideas.

   Imagine being shipwrecked on a tropical island, alone, with no tools or manmade inventions, what would you eat?

   A daily diet of raw fruit, berries, vegetables, nuts and seeds will provide your body with all the vital nutrients needed for perfect cell function.

    These foods are enjoyable to the human palate and readily available in our natural habitat. They are naturally high in nutrients and low in calories, so they don’t induce overeating. (Overeating is often induced by our craving for nutrients, not calories). These tasty foods are packed with, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, hormones, Phyto nutrients and bio-photons. These are the “tools” your cells need to function, repair and replicate.

    Many people disagree on the subject of eating meat for protein. Humans do have the ability to eat and digest meat but doing so appears to be a backup plan. Humans are not instinctively well suited for killing like most predators are. We aren’t naturally attracted to the taste of raw flesh and blood. Our digestive tracks are a bit long for digesting meats. Most carnivores have very short and highly acidic digestive systems.

    In humans, raw fruits and vegetable are digested and eliminated in 12 to 16 hours. Meat can take up to 3 days to eliminate. Decaying meat can attract, support and encourage intestinal parasites.

   Our bodies do not use animal protein directly. Our bodies break down protein into amino acids. We then build our own protein using those amino acids. Those same essential amino acids are available in raw fruits, berries, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

    Breaking down every possible food item into nutrients and toxins is an effective way to gain understanding of healthy dietary choices. However, it is tedious and unnecessary.

   The easiest way to understand a naturally healthy diet is to avoid manmade ideas and seek natural truths.

   Natural truths: Before our ancestors mastered fire on a global scale and before they mastered mass farming of grains, our ancestors thrived on raw fruits, berries, vegetables, nuts and seeds. They also probably stole a few eggs now and then and might even have eaten a few insects. Sounds gross but they’re high in vitamin B-12. (Modern day vegans often take a B-12 supplement).

Un-natural manmade ideas: These time-honored eating traditions destroy nutrients and introduce unnecessary toxins to your food supply and to your blood chemistry. These creative mistakes have been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. They are the oldest of mankind’s inventions that promote disease.

  • The invention of weapons and tools for the killing and processing of large quantities of meat.
  • Cooking our food, destroying vital nutrients and creating toxins by altering the chemical state of food.
  • Eating processed sugar of any kind, including honey. (Honey has medicinal properties but is not a natural Human food source).
  • Grains eaten as bread, flour or cereal because they immediately break down into sugar and overload the sugar regulation system.
  • Milk and dairy from non-human sources.
  • Consuming of milk past weaning is not natural to any known creature.
  • Eating 3 meals per day, thinking of our stomachs as a storage tank for energy, it is not. Our digestive system is a factory that uses up lots of energy as it processes nutrients for later use.

Here are some more recent ideas that are straight up toxic to your blood chemistry.

  • Chemical additives for flavor, color and texture.
  • Commercial processing and preservatives.
  • Pesticides and herbicides.
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMO foods)
  • Hormones, antibiotics and GMOs fed to commercial meat animals.
  • Dangerous chemicals in personal care products and cleaning supplies.
  • Fluoride in toothpaste
  • Fluoride and chlorine in drinking and bathing water.
  • Over the counter drugs including fever reducers, pain relievers and antacids.
  • Antibiotics that kill healthy gut bacteria, damaging your ability to properly absorb nutrients and produce hormones.
  • Pharmaceuticals that are toxic to the blood and only work by interrupting a natural cell function or by inducing an unnatural one.
  • Common inoculations and Flu shots that are ineffective, unnecessary and full of scary, toxic additives, preservatives and carriers.

   All these manmade ideas create a toxic environment that makes normal cell function impossible. When the cell environment is toxic the cells are in a state of dis-ease. The body adapts and responds in unpleasant ways we call illness.

    What we call illness is really a natural response to an un-natural, toxic diet.

    This toxic load and lack of nutrients causes chronic toxicity. The body and cells adapt to toxicity by sending out defensive instructions. These defensive adaptations can cause unpleasant symptoms.

Over time, the body goes through various stages of dis-ease.

  • Enervation/Toxemia- resources are diverted from energy production to damage control, we feel easily tired and run down.
  • Irritation- our tissue is flooded with water to thin and flush out toxins, water presses against nerves and joints causing dis-comfort.
  • Inflammation- blood, oxygen and nutrients are rushed to affected areas, we experience redness, swelling, heat and pain. (-itis)
  • Ulceration- External skin or internal digestive tract tissue ulcerates to expel toxins from cell environment.
  • Induration- cells surround themselves with a protective coating or shield, we experience the thickening, hardening and stiffening of tissue. (lumps and tumors)
  • Fungation- at this level of toxicity, normal cells either die off in large numbers or in one last desperate attempt for survival, cells switch to anaerobic respiration (without oxygen). If toxicity continues, cell fungation spreads and this last adaptation we call cancer.

   At any stage along the way we can correct these problems by eating foods that are high in nutrients and low in toxins. Give your cells what they need with every bite, guard your blood chemistry with every meal and your body will heal and return to a state of ease, where all cells function properly.

    Germs, bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

Bacteria and viruses are everywhere on everything all the time. They are natural, unavoidable. and necessary for life. Most are helpful, a few are harmful. You have an Immune system that readily defends against and eliminates pathogens as long as it is not starved for nutrients or overburdened with toxins.  

   Sick people attract illness, healthy people do not.


Jack’s conclusions:

    A species-specific diet from nature, includes raw fruit, vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds, it excludes manmade inventions. This is the freedom diet, free in nature, free from manmade ideas and free from disease.  

    The standard American diet keeps us dependent on a manmade food supply which gives us manmade diseases. This keeps us dependent on toxic manmade medicine and we develop manmade side effects. This is a downward spiral that leads to misery and early death.

Jack’s summary:

Everyone should understand what causes disease and how to prevent it. We should teach all children how to grow fruit, vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds in their own backyard.

End of book excerpt.

    Sometimes, just the thought of changing our diets will give us waves of anxiety. Maybe you've dieted before and failed. Maybe you've been successful but then ultimately went right back to all your old habits. This is normal. You are not alone.

    The Science of Freedom not only teaches diet and health, it also teaches mastery of human behavior and habits. A quick read won't be much help. Again, it must be studied, questioned, practiced, mastered and then applied.

Good luck and Good speed

P.S. You can own a copy for your home library for only $17.76 and we greatly appreciate your support.

    If money is tight (We've all been there) you can download a free PDF copy and print it out yourself. Thanks for reading.



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